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Japan: Takasago to Expand L-Menthol Production in Iwata Plant


10 January 2008 - Japan's Takasago International Corporation has announced it will invest to expand the production of l-Menthol and Menthol derivatives as well as other aroma chemicals at the Iwata Factory in the Shizuoka prefecture.

L-Menthol is used as a fortifier mainly for peppermint flavours, but also for spearmint and other mint flavours. L-Menthol is used in traces in imitation butter, caramel, fruit complexes etc. and very often along with the anise or anethole in licorice flavourings.

The expansion of the facility will increase the production volume of l-Menthol and its derivatives to a total 3,000 tons per year, said the company.

Meanwhile, Takasago also plans to strengthen its US Sensoral Center in New Jersey, which is the research organization for developing and studying applications of Takasago’s sensate chemicals for flavors and fragrances.

"This expansion in manufacturing and the application of these sensory active materials will strengthen Takasago’s position as a global leader in this area. Takasago believes that these investments will enable the company to contribute to the supply of high quality specialty products to their customers worldwide", the company said on the announcement.

In late December, FLEXNEWS reported that Takasago, with Mitsubishi Corporation, acquired Dan Kaffe (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a specialist manufacturer of coffee extracts and spray dried coffee. Takasago said it will have a 49% share and its Singapore subsidiary, Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, will have 21%. Mitsubishi Corporation will take the remaining 30%.

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