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Growth Medium for Lactic Acid Bacteria
Source: World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)

  • Patent Number:
  • WO/2009/056979

  • Inventors:
  • PETERSEN, Lars, W.; (US).

  • Applicant:
  • DANISCO A/S [DK/DK]; Langebrogade 1, P.O. Box 17, DK-1001 Copenhagen (DK) (All Except US).
    PETERSEN, Lars, W. [DK/US]; (US) (US Only).

  • Publication Date: 
  • 07/05/2009

  • Application Number:
  • PCT/IB2008/003302

  • Filed:
  • 30/10/2008

    The present invention provides lactic acid bacterial cultures. In some particularly preferred embodiments, the present invention provides cultures comprising lactic acid bacteria, a dairy substrate (e.g., milk or cream), at least one formate source, and at least one purine source. In some further embodiments, the cultures comprise exogenous lactase enzyme. The present invention also provides cultures of cells comprising the culture medium and lactic acid bacteria. The present invention further provides starter compositions (i.e., starter cultures) for starting the culture. In some embodiments, the compositions of the present invention find use in the production of fermented milk products (e.g., yogurt, cheese and/or fermented milk beverages).

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