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French Humanitarian Nutrition Product Maker Nutriset Plans to Boost Production for Developing Countries

Source: Nutriset

9 October 2009 - Four new members join the PlumpyField network, and should initiate production of Plumpy'nut® early 2010: JB in Madagascar, Athena Foods Ltd in Ghana, Power Foods Industries Ltd in Tanzania and Edesia in the USA.

A joint initiative between Industrial Revelation Foundation and Nutriset, Edesia is a not for profit structure. In addition to US-based production targeting US-based food aid institutions and donors, Edesia’s mandate includes facilitating research partnerships with American or international institutions, and providing support to local RUF producers in the developing world.

Initiated by Nutriset to foster production of Plumpy’nut® type products in countries most affected by malnutrition, the PlumpyField network is expected to increase its production capacity from 7,000 tons in 2009 to more than 18,000 tons in 2010, thanks to the addition of new partners and to the installation of new equipment by existing members. For instance, in August, Hilina Enriched Foods PLC, the Ethiopian member of the PlumpyField network, doubled its production capacity from 150 tons to 300 tons per month.

Nutriset is a partner of main evolutions of humanitarian nutrition. All Nutriset’s activity is dedicated to the development (R&D), production and commercialisation of nutritional products especially designed for the prevention or/ and treatment of different forms of malnutrition.

Nutriset’s products are all consumed by poor populations thanks to the actions of humanitarian and social stakeholders (Non governmental organisation, United Nations Agencies, Ministry of health.

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